Portable Camping Firepit / the firedancer

Height: 8"
Including handle 9"
Without lid 5.5"
Diameter: 14"

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  • This firepit is as good as new and comes with a fire log that sells separately for $49.00.

  • It works perfect.

  • Use it on your patio, outside your RV or trailer or by your tent on your next vacation.

  • It will last almost forever and this one is not brand new but it's hard to tell from new.

  • They cost $149.00 plus shipping from the website.

  • On EBAY they are from $125.00 to $175.00 depending on condition and shipping.


The Fire Dancer
Enjoy the warmth and ambience of a campfire in nearly any outdoor setting.

Fire Dancer™ is a safe and easy to use propane-fueled campfire for camping, the beach, or patio. It's designed for pleasure, warmth and convenience. Fire Dancer™ makes it so easy to enjoy the warm glow of a camp fire without the smoke, sparks, and ash!

The Fire Dancer™ is completely portable and sets up easy and quickly without assembly. These durable units are made in the USA.

Fire Dancer™ is also the perfect gift for the camper, outdoorsman, romantic or literally anyone who enjoys the warm glow of a fireplace and would like to take that feeling with them when enjoying the great outdoors!

Safe and Easy To Use

   Easy to light and turn off
   Includes Long-Stem Lighter
   No Assembly Required
   No Smoke, No Sparks
   Easy to Cover
   Quick, Hassle-Free Clean Up
   Portable, Goes Anywhere

Durable Construction For Years of Enjoyment

Rugged All Steel Construction
Weather-Proof Lid
Made in the USA
UL Approved Hose, Regulator & Valve
Enables Warmth and Enjoyment of Camp Fire In Parks With Open Flame Restrictions

Allowed by Most RV And Camping Parks
Creates No Embers or Sparks
Enhances Camping Experience
Operates up to 20 Hours on 20 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Fire Dancer™

Q: What is the ceramic log?
A: The ceramic log disperses the flame and adds to the realistic effect. We have discovered that anyone with just the Fire Dancer always wants the ceramic log, which is a $49.99 value.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Fire Dance?
A: Height: 8" including handle 9"
without lid 5.5"
Diameter: 14"

Q: How long does the Fire Dancer™ flame last?
A: The Fire Dancer™ will last up to 20 hours on a single 20 pound bottle of propane fuel.

Q: How much does the Fire Dancer™ weigh?
A: The Fire Dancer™ weighs just 14 pounds.

Q: How long is the Fire Dancer's™ hose?
A: The hose is a full 10 feet long and conveniently wraps around the base of the Fire Dancer™ for easy transport.

Q: Can the Fire Dancer™ be used indoors?
A: NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! The Fire Dancer™ is to be used in outdoor locations only. It is never to be used indoors.

Q: Where can the Fire Dancer™ be used?
A: It is great for camping, patios, decks, back yard gatherings, the beach, tailgating, block parties, the kids' weekend sports tournaments, and any other outdoor activity where the warmth, beauty and ambience of a glowing flame can be enjoyed.

Q: Can you cook on the Fire Dancer™?
A: The Fire Dancer™ is primarily designed for warmth and visual enjoyment. Customers have enjoyed roasting marshmallows or hot dogs on sticks or skewers, etc. Be sure to follow all simple instructions included with the unit.

This item is LIKE NEW!!!


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