Throw marshmallows at Danny!!
Its fun and easy

1. Just put your mouse arrow somewhere on the marshmallow and click on it to throw a marshmallow at Danny.

2. On the bottom right you will see 5 marshmallows. This is how many you can throw at Danny.

  • If you miss Danny these marshmallows disappear.

  • If you hit Danny they stay there and you get lots more turns.

  • If you run out of marshmallows the game ends but it will start again in a few seconds.

  • Remember, this game is not timed so take your time. There is no hurry. You will get better scores if you wait 'till just the right second to throw the marshmallow.

Note: You'll miss a lot at first but eventually you will see when to throw them.
Note: The marshmallows are flaming marshmallows but they do not burn. It's not real fire. It's flames of love so throw as many as you like.