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A note about your listing: please be as specific as possible when naming bodies of water you fish. This info will be made "searchable" for people looking for guides and if you list that you fish all SW Washington rivers that is OK, but your name will only appear to people who search for "SW Washington rivers." If, however you list the Cowlitz, Lewis River, and the Willamette your listing will come up in each of those categories.

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Please Check All Major Areas And Bodies Of Water Where You Fish

List Bodies Of Water That You Fish:

List Bodies Of Water That You Fish:

Puget Sound  Olympic Peninsula 
Cowlitz  Drano Lake  Other (list below)
Other places you fish in Washington:

Central Oregon  Tillamook Bay  Willamette RiverDeschutes River  Rogue
Other (list below)
Other places you fish in Oregon:

Clearwater River 
Lake Pend Oreille  Coeur D'alene Lake  Other (list below)
Other places you fish in Idaho:

Pacific Ocean   Snake River  
Buoy 10 
Columbia River: What sections of the Columbia:
Other: Please list any OTHER places you fish that are not listed above. (examples might be Lake Chelan, Yakima River, Odell Lake, Banks Lake etc.):

Types Of Fishing & Services You Offer:

Fly Fishing  Trolling  Spin Casting  Float Tubing  Drift Boat  Jet Sled  Charter Boat 
Bank Fishing 
Salmon  Steelhead  Sturgeon  Shad  Trout  Walleye  Bass
Tuna  Halibut  Bottom Fishing
OTHER: Please name other types of fish:

Several of the inquiries we get do not mention a body of water. They may say "I am going to be in the Portland area on July 5 through 10, can you find me a guide near that area".
Please list any cities that are near the areas where you fish:


The keywords should be about:

  • The PLACES YOU FISH (example: Columbia River, Tillamook Bay, Puget Sound Snohomish river, Elk river etc

  • The FISH you fish for. It is helpful to use variants such as "fall chinook" or "upriver brights" in addition to just "salmon" etc

  • Any other PHRASES you can think of. EXAMPLES: "Tillamook Bay Fall Chinook" "Puget Sound Silvers" "flyfishing the Deschutes" etc

NOTE: I realize that most of these keywords have already been entered on the form above. I also realize that it is hard coming up with keywords and phrases. You do not need to enter any and that's OK. If you have the time to enter some it may help me help you.

Please enter as many keywords and keyword phrases below:


If you fish anyplace else or offer any other services (tours, whitewater rafting, hunting etc) please add it below along with any comments or questions you may have. If there is ANYTHING else you would like people to know about your services please list it in the box below:

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