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It is very important to have this spelled out EXACTLY the way you want it on the website. (For example, sometimes a person says they want the title to be "Gary Wilson's Real Estate" and we will spend a few days working on a logo design and finish it and Gary Wilson will say "oh, that's great but could you add "Inc" at the end" or "oh that's great but I think instead I want it all as one word and ".com" at the end.")



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Names of Pages:

Please list the names of the pages in your website below. It is important to try and get these correct from the start as we will use these to design a format and a navigation system. If one page is incorrectly named then we will have to go back and rename that page throughout the website and that can be time consuming. ) Example: Gary Wilson names one of his pages "how to reach us" and we build a navigation bar and put it on all the pages of the website. We also point to that page from all the pages of the website. Gary Wilson says "oh that's great but let's change the "how to reach us" page to "contact us"). 

Page Names:

If you currently have a website (even if there is nothing on it!) please list the www address below.

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Comments / Notes / Suggestions:

List any additional comments you may have below. Anything goes here and you don't have to enter anything if you like at this time. Sometimes people will say "I like lots of photos" or "I like the navigation buttons across the very top of the page" or "my main competitor has a website at and I really want a website that is kind of like his but better or ???????????

Comments / Notes / Suggestions:

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