TerraFirmaDesign.net Server Tester

Now testing your PHP installation for basic compliancy

Sockets are enabled?


Is safe_mode off? Yes

One possible problem was detected: one of the services required to run the Website Promotion
Suite or any of the Genie products (Referral Genie, Forum Genie and Fake Hits Genie)
does not appear to be enabled on your server. This may also be a false alarm
due to the way some servers are configured. In some cases services are available
even though they are not detected. To make sure, please ask your ISP if you have socket
support enabled.

If the issue is a safe_mode restriction in effect
(i.e. safe_mode is on) then you can ask your host to disable safe_mode on your account.
Most hosts will disable safe_mode upon request but it is rare to find a host who will
enable sockets if there are already disabled for bandwidth and security reasons.

If your host is unwilling to disable safe_mode then you may want to look into
changing hosts. We are not advising this for the benefit of our products but because
a safe_mode restriction provide a false sense of security.

To quote the PHP manual, "The PHP safe mode is an attempt to solve the
shared-server security problem. It is architecturally incorrect to try to solve
this problem at the PHP level...

There are hundreds of hosts who can provide you with a secure hosting enviroment
without limiting your features and freedoms. COntact us if you need help in finding
one- we can recommend several.